4 Harmful Things Found In Commercial Toothpaste

Whether you’re concerned about fluoride in toothpaste or not, there are many other harmful chemicals in toothpaste found in the grocery store and drugstore. Are you subjecting your family unnecessarily to harmful things when you could be making your own uber-toothpaste that’s effective and also safe?

Best Homemade ToothpasteHere are just four of the many things that may be in your toothpaste:

  1. Tin. That’s right: toxic metal. One of the three primarily used types of fluoride is stannous fluoride, and it contains tin. Sodium monofluorophosphate can provide the same so-called benefits as stannous fluoride without the metal, so if you insist on using a fluoride toothpaste, you may want to choose the lesser of the evils. Or choose fluoride-free toothpaste and avoid this issue as well as the reproductive and other effects that fluoride can cause.
  2. SLS. Officially called sodium lauryl sulfate, SLS is a pesticide that has never been deemed to be safe for human use. It’s probably in your shampoo too. It’s linked to cell degeneration, canker sores and other ulcers and additional health concerns. There are concerns that it’s linked to cancer, but that link isn’t proven. Still, why use this lathering and thickening agent when it has harmful side effects?
  3. Sweeteners and dyes. These synthetic additions are the same as you’d find in Diet Coke and other substances you probably avoid because of all the chemicals. In Canada, many toothpastes aren’t sweetened, and the government has disallowed saccharin. Dyes can be just as harmful as well, so avoid brightly colored toothpaste.
  4. Triclosan. Another pesticide that shouldn’t be in your mouth, triclosan can also disrupt hormones. It may be banned eventually, but why not eliminate it from your life now?

Why not brush with chemical-free toothpaste and avoid all the harmful chemicals in toothpaste? It’s a smart decision there’s no way you’ll ever regret.

Author: Dr. Daniel Vinograd