Massage to lose facial fat in two weeks

To see yourself in the mirror do you find that your face is too fat, the lower jaw is also too much fat? Do not worry about losing face fat, lose face fat is no longer a problem. Here is show you face massage to the lower jaw fat which is usually difficult to move, the massage can fully stimulate the lower jaw fat and the facial muscles convergence upgrade, then get obvious effect of losing face fat.
Step1: Hands thumb and index finger to grip the lower jaw of excess fat, along the backward direction every 1cm pinch mention.

Step2: When pinch mentioned ears ministry, repeated pinch mentioned five times, pulling the overall outline of the role.

Step3: Next, slightly hard teeth, thumb slow Rouan ears acupuncture point five seconds.

Step4: Index finger with other fingers separated, in accordance with the mandibular contour from the ears to the mandibular central pull wipe, the other side of same.

Step5: Four fingers close together, your hands alternately from the neck to the lower jaw pulling skin and is good to lose the lower jaw fat.

Do the set of facial massage every day for 20 minutes you can lose facial fat in two weeks, then beautiful face is no longer a dream for you.