Exercise to lose arm fat quickly

Colorful clothes are very charming in summer, but the fat on the arm makes you can not wear your favorite clothes. How to lose arm fat quickly? Do you attach that it affect the beauty of your body? Don’t worry, I will introduce you some exercises to help you lose arm fat quickly.
Step1. Kneeling on the mat, legs together, toes touch the ground, the upper body lean forward 45 degrees, raise your right hand straight along the shoulder height reach out to the back. Keep for 20 seconds, and then change sides repeat.

Step2. Stool close to the wall, the body sitting upright on a stool, legs together, feet touch the ground, hands down naturally and press on both sides of the stool, and then the hips leave the stool about 15cm, keeping the height as the stool, the thigh and calf are 90 degrees. Keep for 20 seconds.
Step3. Sit on the mat, legs together stretch forward and then lift your legs with the ground about 45 degrees, the upper abdomen micro tilting back, your hands bent elbow to let the body forward to maintain balance. Keep for five seconds, repeat the exercise five times.

Step4. Lying flat on the mat, fingers tuch the ground, the feet together, toes touch the ground, and then use the strength of the hands and feet to hold up the body slightly, head up the elevation. Keep for five seconds and repeat the exercise five times.
Do the exercises every day you will lose arm fat quickly, try it!