Exercises to lose belly fat in a month

You have been unable to endure the waist circle around fat, no matter how hard you try to lose weight, eating two meals fed belly will be bulging. In fact, have a flat belly-up compact the abdominal muscles is the fundamental. I will show you a set of exercises to lose belly fat in a month, have a try!

Step 1: Lie flat on the ground, hands on the ears, not your head. Feet up, knee bent, thigh and abdomen angle less than 90 degrees. Use abdominal strength lift the upper body, the speed should be slow, repeated 15-20 times.

Step 2: Lie flat on the ground, hands flat on both sides of your feet filed, as the first move the preparation type. Waist hard drive the pelvis toward the left side, back into place, then move to the right side. Repeated 15-20 times

Step 3: Lie flat on the ground, feet on the ground and knees bent, hips forced to lift the pelvis, slowly. Pelvis height to pull the spine into a straight line, repeated more than 2O times, or feel the hips slightly acidic to.

Step 4: Limbs supporting the ground, left leg straight back, left leg elevation hips concentrate force. On the move without too high, and body into a straight line, pay attention to the abdomen, slightly convergent, to avoid harming the spine, repeated about 2O times. Turn right leg and then repeat.


1, The exercises above are difficult to do, but the effect is obvious. Therefore, in practice you should depend on personal physical. You can do each exercise 10 times at the beginning, and then, as the degree of adaptation to a sliding scale.

2, In addition to breathing to cope with exercise, tense the muscle slowly to stay you can achieve better results.

Insist on doing the exercises for a month you will lose belly fat, then beautiful is your logo!