New York Medical Professionals: What is platelet rich plasma therapy?

Facial Map - NY ProgramPlatelet rich plasma therapy is a relatively new treatment that has been in development since the 1980s, when it was first used in a medically standardized setting, during a heart operation. Over the last thirty years, of course, its development has meant that many people are now able to use platelet rich plasma therapy for many other reasons, from sports related injuries to cosmetic surgery purposes. The market for platelet rich plasma therapy is growing steadily, and if you want to be a part of that market then you should consider taking part in Dr Howard Katz’s Dentox training course in New York. As well as offering Botox training and instructions on how to give dermal fillers, Dr Howard Katz is one of the few people offering teaching on how to offer platelet rich plasma therapy to your patients.

The question is, why would you want to? To best answer this, you first need to have a clear understanding of exactly what platelet rich plasma does to the body. It is created by taking blood from a patient and then enriching that blood with platelets, changing the blood’s natural chemistry and making it much more potent. This new chemical mix is then re-injected into the same patient, minimizing any rejection, into a specific area that they want stimulating and encouraged to grow healthier. Many of us have areas of our bodies that we would like to be younger, fitter, healthier, and the idea that you can simply just inject some of your own blood into that place to see an improvement is a very attractive prospect.
Make sure that you can offer your patients these same health benefits by attending Dr Howard Katz’s Dentox program. There are few places to gain such excellent teaching on platelet rich plasma therapy.

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