Horse exercises to lose thigh fat

A lot of girls upset their fat thighs and always want to lose fat, but they can not find a simple and appropriate way to lose thigh weight, how to do it? Here we will tell you a set of horse exercises to lose thigh fat.

Step1: Legs apart, shoulder width, focused in the central body.

Step2: Center of gravity, your hands held straight in the chest, this action helps to stretch the muscles of the sides of the body and prevent you from felling backwards when you squat.

Step3: Legs squat, do not squat too low, feel pain of your thigh is a more appropriate point of view.

If you want to lose weight, exercise is essential. Want to lose inner thigh fat, it is necessary to adhere to the exercise of the muscles of the thigh.
This set of exercises, each can be done for 5-10 minutes, squat as much as possible to stay for some time, until it is difficult to adhere to the date, so as to achieve the purpose of burning the excess fat of the thigh.

Exercise to lose arm fat quickly

Colorful clothes are very charming in summer, but the fat on the arm makes you can not wear your favorite clothes. How to lose arm fat quickly? Do you attach that it affect the beauty of your body? Don’t worry, I will introduce you some exercises to help you lose arm fat quickly.
Step1. Kneeling on the mat, legs together, toes touch the ground, the upper body lean forward 45 degrees, raise your right hand straight along the shoulder height reach out to the back. Keep for 20 seconds, and then change sides repeat.

Step2. Stool close to the wall, the body sitting upright on a stool, legs together, feet touch the ground, hands down naturally and press on both sides of the stool, and then the hips leave the stool about 15cm, keeping the height as the stool, the thigh and calf are 90 degrees. Keep for 20 seconds.
Step3. Sit on the mat, legs together stretch forward and then lift your legs with the ground about 45 degrees, the upper abdomen micro tilting back, your hands bent elbow to let the body forward to maintain balance. Keep for five seconds, repeat the exercise five times.

Step4. Lying flat on the mat, fingers tuch the ground, the feet together, toes touch the ground, and then use the strength of the hands and feet to hold up the body slightly, head up the elevation. Keep for five seconds and repeat the exercise five times.
Do the exercises every day you will lose arm fat quickly, try it!

Exercise to lose fat in two weeks

For people of lower body fat, can not wear their love clothes is so sad. I will show you a set of lower body exercises to lose weight, if you do it for two weeks you will lose excess fat, then you can do fashion models. Try it right now!

One, for the hips, thighs and legs

Legs close together, knees bend, straighten the upper body. To the premise of the knee to hip height, and then lower the leg stretched, pay attention to the

feet do not touch the ground. Do 3 sets, each repeated 15 times.

Role: A good warm-up action, compact legs, buttocks and back muscles.

TIPS: Do the exercise slowly, muscles tense. Pay attention to the degree of bending the knee, in the whole course of exercise you should have been able to

see your toes.

Second, for the waist and thighs

Sideways to lie down, feet back, knee, hip and shoulder should be in a straight line. Position to hold up the upper body, elbows should be below the

shoulder, shoulder to remain intact, the hip as much as possible to move up, then down. Do 3 sets, each repeated 12 times.

Role: Compact waist side and thigh muscles.

TIPS: You should always be conscious drop-down shoulder, be forced to keep the shoulder will not back and forth.

Third, for the hips and thighs

Back lying down, knees bent, feet touch the ground, legs below the knee tightly and since. Up the hips, keep the shoulders touch the ground, when hip reached

its highest point, clamping force to the knees.

Effects: Compact the buttocks and thigh muscles.

TIPS: Do the exercise as slowly as possible, and force as much as possible.

Fourth, for abdominal

Lying down, raised legs, legs to keep the level as on a chair. Hands cross in the back of the head, elbows outward, the upper body off the ground upward. The

upper body down, knees close to the chest, then down the legs. Do 3 sets, each repeated 10 times.

Role: Compact abdominal muscles.

TIPS: The whole process should pay attention to inhale abdomen.

Fifth, for the abdomen and waist

Lying down, raised legs, legs to keep the level as on a chair. Hands like hold the ball in the chest, waist and hands turning circle at the same time, the

waist turn as light as possible, keep the rest of the body do not move. To do three groups of 10 laps, five laps each direction.

Role: You will have a charming waist. Ventral muscles get plenty of exercise, while the upper abdomen and lower abdomen to get exercise.

TIPS: The whole process should pay attention to inhale abdomen.

Exercises to lose belly fat in a month

You have been unable to endure the waist circle around fat, no matter how hard you try to lose weight, eating two meals fed belly will be bulging. In fact, have a flat belly-up compact the abdominal muscles is the fundamental. I will show you a set of exercises to lose belly fat in a month, have a try!

Step 1: Lie flat on the ground, hands on the ears, not your head. Feet up, knee bent, thigh and abdomen angle less than 90 degrees. Use abdominal strength lift the upper body, the speed should be slow, repeated 15-20 times.

Step 2: Lie flat on the ground, hands flat on both sides of your feet filed, as the first move the preparation type. Waist hard drive the pelvis toward the left side, back into place, then move to the right side. Repeated 15-20 times

Step 3: Lie flat on the ground, feet on the ground and knees bent, hips forced to lift the pelvis, slowly. Pelvis height to pull the spine into a straight line, repeated more than 2O times, or feel the hips slightly acidic to.

Step 4: Limbs supporting the ground, left leg straight back, left leg elevation hips concentrate force. On the move without too high, and body into a straight line, pay attention to the abdomen, slightly convergent, to avoid harming the spine, repeated about 2O times. Turn right leg and then repeat.


1, The exercises above are difficult to do, but the effect is obvious. Therefore, in practice you should depend on personal physical. You can do each exercise 10 times at the beginning, and then, as the degree of adaptation to a sliding scale.

2, In addition to breathing to cope with exercise, tense the muscle slowly to stay you can achieve better results.

Insist on doing the exercises for a month you will lose belly fat, then beautiful is your logo!