Horse exercises to lose thigh fat

A lot of girls upset their fat thighs and always want to lose fat, but they can not find a simple and appropriate way to lose thigh weight, how to do it? Here we will tell you a set of horse exercises to lose thigh fat.

Step1: Legs apart, shoulder width, focused in the central body.

Step2: Center of gravity, your hands held straight in the chest, this action helps to stretch the muscles of the sides of the body and prevent you from felling backwards when you squat.

Step3: Legs squat, do not squat too low, feel pain of your thigh is a more appropriate point of view.

If you want to lose weight, exercise is essential. Want to lose inner thigh fat, it is necessary to adhere to the exercise of the muscles of the thigh.
This set of exercises, each can be done for 5-10 minutes, squat as much as possible to stay for some time, until it is difficult to adhere to the date, so as to achieve the purpose of burning the excess fat of the thigh.