What To Do About Wisdom Tooth Pain

hurting wisdom toothSome people are quite nervous about wisdom tooth extractions.  Generally the surgery should be very straight forward, and the entire process should take less than two hours including recovery time.

Although you should feel much better after three or four days, it may take two to three weeks for your mouth completely heal.  Keeping the area clean and packed with clean gauze until the bleeding stops should aid in the healing process.

So if you still have concerns and are nervous prior to surgery, in addition to speaking directly with the surgeon and your dentist, you might check out helpful tips on legitimate consumer websites.  These sites may also prove to be beneficial in helping you find an oral surgeon or dentist if one has not been recommended.

Use your own judgement, and remember a good surgeon is happy to answer any and all questions, they want you to feel comfortable.

Before you go in for your surgery, you should go shopping and purchase some foods that will be easy to eat with a sore jaw and mouth.  Yogurt, applesauce soups, soft potatoes or eggs can be good options.  Avoid anything hard or has small pieces, nuts, etc., they can interfere with the formation of the clot.

Following the surgeon’s advice is the best option, and while those sheets of paper they give you may seem long and boring, they actually contain a lot of helpful tips and useful information to assist in your healing.

If you suspect you have wisdom teeth that need attention, don’t put it off.  It’s not going away, will only get worse, and could end up getting badly infected.  Providing you have a regular dentist, he or she will most likely suggest an oral surgeon for you to use.  As mentioned earlier, if you don’t get a recommendation, check consumer websites, local community pages and talk to friends and family for a referral is always nice.  If possible, make your first appointment as a consultation to visit with the surgeon and have him or her discuss the procedure in detail.

It’s almost s certainty once youngest this procedure behind you, your overall health and wellbeing improve,  remember wisdom teeth are actually referred to as an extra set of molars, which you don’t really need.

Your visit to the oral surgeon’s office should be relatively easy.  Don’t forget some last key factors:  meet with the surgeon and discuss all medications you take, any allergies, and known medical conditions.  Plan your time before and after your scheduled appointment accordingly by picking soft foods ahead of time, arranging for help if you have children or pets that depend on you.  Arrange for transportation to and from your appointment, many surgeons  will not do the procedure if you don’t have a ride.  Organization can make things come off without a hitch and you will be back to normal soon.  Wisdom teeth removal is a very common procedure, and will certainly improve not only your mouth health, but your overall health in general. So don’t put it off another day, if you are experiencing wisdom tooth pain sooner or later you will have to get it taken care of, and sooner is going to be much easier.

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